My name is Jade Nova. I turned 17 today.

My best friend is 1774 years old, and no… she is not a vampire.

Jade Nova is an only child who grew up in Sandy Point located roughly midway along Australia's vast eastern coastline.


'The Point', as the locals refer to it, is a small riverside village, surrounded by low lying marshes, lush green forests, golden beaches and an abundance of wildlife, all of which has helped fuel Jade’s aspirations of one day becoming a global-hopping film maker.

When Jade was eight years old her mother Jessie had no doubt that her inquisitive daughter would be anything short of ordinary…and she was right. Over the past eighteen months a string of strange events had taken place that revealed moments of never-seen-before genius and astonishing capabilities in her daughter. Jessie is confused and concerned, for the strangest thing of all is an intoxicating, barely detectable scent that periodically surrounds Jade.

Our story opens when Jade is undertaking her senior years of high school. She is lively, outgoing, motivated and burdened with the usual teenage dramas, balancing social life, gathering footage for her final school project, and, of course, trying to figure out boys.

Her 'normal' life begins to take the back seat after catching her regular school bus home one afternoon. The driver—an eccentric soul in his own right, Mr. Smigbod – loses control of the bus next to an embankment on a narrow road in a local forest. Just moments before passing into a coma, Mr. Smigbod claimed to have seen a giant bird-like creature as big as the bus itself through his rear view mirror. People in the district had always suspected Smigbod to not be 'of sound mind', his claims were not treated seriously and, upon regaining consciousness, he found himself a resident of the region's mental health facility.


The crash prompts Jessie Nova to recall her daughter’s past… a past that Jade had erased from her memory years earlier.

But now, immediately after the accident, Jade begins to experience bizarre dreams and is woken several times in the early hours of the morning by the call of a whale. The calls are not from the direction of the nearby ocean, but from the Yattamala, a rare and legendary, old-growth forest that borders the area where her school bus lost control.


She begins a search for answers by entering the Yattamala, alone.


Several months later, the uncertainty and mystery surrounding Jade grows deeper. She becomes a perplexity to her friends and family as she delves deeper and deeper into another world known as Maldeva, a multidimensional realm she stumbled upon while in the depths of the Yattamala.


In Maldeva, she is reunited with her mysterious and scented childhood friend who years earlier she named, Sammy Pong. She discovers that Sammy, is a 1,774-year-old Mountain Deva who is a member of an ancient race of engineers and caretakers of Planet Earth’s natural world.Here in Maldeva, Jade recalls many of the mystical and highly resonant memories from her childhood. She was born for this moment.


Sammy is not alone in Maldeva. She  introduces Jade to an ever-increasing gathering of incomparable charismatic 'beings' and creatures, either co-existing on Planet Earth or paying a special visit.


Jade is in a state of disbelief when she is initially offered the career opportunity of a lifetime by Sammy Pong: to record the beings of Maldeva on film as they prepare to deliver a cautionary message to the world of humans.



Jade and the Deva is a story that is told through the eyes of a young woman and a timeless spirit who are simultaneously in between two worlds that are heading towards a major conflict.


Jade's realm is the human world today—a world of quandaries in an age when great technological, scientific, and medical advancements happen daily for the betterment of mankind while, at the same time, arcane beliefs,unparalleled greed, and the unjust cycle of poverty and disease are seemingly obliterating mankind's veritable future.


 As a result, the natural world is exploited, poisoned, abused... and ultimately threatened.


Sammy's realm is the Deva's world, the ancient world that came into existence long before the evolution of human beings. The role of their race is to maintain, sustain and protect the earth's natural world.


The beings and creatures she keeps company with exude a reverent respect for all living things. They are gentle, honourable, kind and generous to a fault. And they make Jade laugh...a lot.


At the same time, Jade has spent enough time with these beings in Maldeva to know that they could wipe mankind off the Earth without raising a sweat.


Jade is our messenger. Sammy is our litmus.


This is a story that unabashedly speaks out to children— past, present and future generations— and for all the creatures—mini and mighty—facing extinction before their time.

The authors invite you to sample the opening chapters from the Jade & the Deva series

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